Our current education system is not adequately serving skills development, and is in urgent need of reform. By the end of Grade 12, half of every cohort entering the schooling system is lost.

Since 2010, the Naledi School leadership programme has developed over 1 400 Grade 10 and 11 students in 17 schools across four provinces – including some Model C Schools. Our reach has been felt in Gauteng, Tembisa, Katlehong and Soweto and our success stems in part from the buy-in of the school management body; building ownership of the process has upheld our value.

Students participate in six – six hour workshops that introduce a series of key life skills. Group coaching compliments these sessions.

The students all participate in a practical contest – a group Entrepreneurial Challenge – where over six weeks they must grow a working capital of R50. The exercise develops an understanding of how Naledi skills serve business development – while at the same time linking self-development to business effectiveness.

Our 7R Leadership Framework underpins every lesson shared and is a proven system that operates from the premise that EQ enhances potential success and everything in life hinges on relationships.



Students complete the leadership programme



Students complete the leadership programme



Educators developed

Active since 2012 – over 270 interns have been placed in schools and businesses. This strategy underwrites what government and businesses are investing in – our youth – ensuring interns become reliable, ambitious and productive enough to be employed on completion of the internship.

Seven carefully constructed modules are worked through over seven weeks and aim to engender a sense of dependability. Lessons in trust, ambition, accountability, assertiveness, time management, and vision are covered in the modules which include coaching sessions. Progress is reported back to the school or company after each module. Rigorously self-aware and goal-directed employable workers emerge from this programme.

This programme builds breadth into the candidate’s career – equipping them to inspire and guide others as a future leader.

This Naledi programme introduced in 2016 – is geared towards youth in a tertiary environment and those already working. It aspires to further develop coping skills and provides a sense of purpose for university and later in an office function. This is achieved through exposure to entrepreneurs, change makers, and industry thought leaders at which point youth are given the opportunity to build their own networks; invaluable contacts for the future. They also share and test ideas – and in so doing ensure that possibilities and performance are enhanced when they count.

The dysfunction prevalent in many of our schools today can be traced back to the educators themselves. A strong educational system is the biggest enabler to youth improvement and through Naledi Educators we are inspiring positive change and setting higher stands. Since 2013 over 250 educators have been developed in leadership, self-management and emotional intelligence. This programme, which addresses non-cognitive challenges, is rolled out in parallel with our school programme over four weeks. Content covers relationships, time management, conflict resolution and leadership.

Since 2012 over 160 educators have been trained – along with 20 Naledi school graduates. This programme is building capacity among educational and junior managers so that they in turn can groom and mentor their staff.

Our coaching is a game changer ensuring deep and solid foundations are laid for young and aspiring leaders to play their part in opening the gateway to Africa’s exciting future.