Accelerating change through meaningful giving.

CSR is about doing good business and creatively addressing signi cant issues that face business and society, not simply feeling good! It’s about leaving a legacy.

As customers, employees, and suppliers – and society more broadly – place increasing importance on CSR, it should be seen as a creative opportunity to fundamentally strengthen your business – while contributing to society at the same time. Making a positive impact on societal issues is not a “quick x” and initiatives only add real value over time – so partnerships that drive change must outlast the nancial investment.

Naledi’s impressive credentials, unique structure, past achievements and ability to e ect lifelong change will meet your aspirations to live a life of signi cance; one that’s driven by purpose and has meaning.

  • Far better human capital delivered toward SETA-based learnerships
  • Far better human capital delivered toward local Insurance industry internships
  • Reduced investment risk
  • A leadership mind-set already established in businesses at entry level
  • Indirect impact on companies’ bottom line and retention levels
  • Sustainability risk reduction
  • Proven workplace e ectiveness through the 7Rs methodology
  • Section 18A certi cate enables donors to receive 28% tax relief on their donation