We believe in the fundamental equality of all human beings and this philosophy is deeply engrained in the work we do.

We strive to make human lives better through exposure to our emotional intelligence programme: Naledi. A holistic programme that underwrites the potential of South Africa’s youth – it has been building future leaders for almost 10 years by facilitating greater self-awareness and behaviour change. We build their own power and help them find their purpose. By addressing the skills gap left by formal education – we provide a platform that ensures young people can lead productive, purposeful and proactive lives; the impetus needed to begin leading others. By instilling a leadership mind-set – we nurture and produce assertive, confident, focused and organised individuals with the potential to become diligent and active participants in South Africa’s future economy.

Behaviour change happens by asking questions, not providing answers. Optimal performance is a blend of IQ & EQ. And sustainable growth is an inside out process.

This thinking fostered the development of the pillars of our intricate change process which recognises that to grow individuals must reconnect to – and rebuild self. Reconnect with teams and redefine their roles within them. And redefine themselves as proactive members of their school. At every stage of this change process, action defines the individuals’ growth.

We inspire …







Critical thinkers – catalysts for change – who create solutions for themselves.

Resilience to face challenges and to persist to the end.

Accountability for mistakes and responsibility for the future

Acceptance of risk as an essential part of creating financial and social value

Clarity about where they are going and how they will get there

Acceptance of who they are – so they might stand out and shine

We are changing South Africa’s narrative. By enhancing human capital we accelerate personal growth which translates into increased opportunities in the future.

Naledi is a practical, duplicable and scalable system – it needs only four coaches to run any one of its programmes. Coaching, the heart of Naledi, is action-orientated, encouraging independence, responsibility and new habits. We are using our 7R Leadership Framework to foster and develop micro-enterprises in schools and in the community.

Lasting change occurs when people act together by combining purpose and participation. We collaborate with progressive companies, like-minded individuals and philanthropists to advance our sustainable goals.

Everything works because of relationships

Using the 7Rs system, which has demonstrated tangible successes over the past seven years, is built on the premise that EQ is everything and relationships hold things together; everything works better because of relationships and people are at the centre of this equation.

Totally interdependent – each “R” enriches the value of the others and their agility ensures relevance in a wider range of educational contexts. We use this system to diagnose and measure student behaviour and performance while underwriting competencies as they relate to subject knowledge, intellectual potential and desire.

Courage is the silent value underpinning the 7Rs, while dialogue – which is activated through experience – is the primary platform for development of the Rs.

  • 7 RISK
  • To lead, be dependable, and be proactive. Take ownership of your future
  • To look at and critically evaluate your own behaviour, thinking, performance
  • To think objectively, logically, through business challenges or opportunities
  • To keep going when things get tough, not to be or feel defeated
  • To be creative, think out of the box, to make a plan continuously
  • To connect with someone involving respect, care and communication
  • For the sake of personal or economic growth – dare to lose materially or emotionally/li>